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Queen of Doors


When Janine returns to her childhood home, a creature lurking in the house demands she returns what she took from it—except she doesn’t know what that is.

When Janine was a child, she had a prophetic dream that foretold the death of her family. She has lived every day since with the guilt of being unable to stop their demise. Now an adult, Janine is thrilled with the opportunity to return to her childhood home.

Unfortunately, it’s not just the townspeople who don’t want her there. A creature lurks in the house. Though she has never seen it before, it demands she return what she has taken from it. The only problem is, she has no idea what that is. And every night when Janine sleeps, an increasingly worse incident plagues the town.

Somewhere between the equal terrors of being asleep and being awake, Janine must figure out what the creature wants. Because it’s coming for her…and it’s bringing an army.

The Withering


Kallie never feared the dark until the light went out in the world.

Kallie would do anything to protect her younger sister–including break the law and obtain a magical stone. But doing so puts her right in the path of a group of men who seem to have mistaken her identity for someone they want dead.

Or have they? As Kallie fights to return to her sister, she’s forced to team up with Arsen, the keeper of the Air Elemental. He has been searching for the Fire keeper that has gone missing and taken fire with her. The deeper Kallie falls into Arsen’s world, the more she begins to wonder if her involvement is by accident.

Then water disappears.


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Wicked Fates

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In The Moonlight

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